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How do I place an order?

​​Firearms are only available through properly licensed dealers throught Canada.

Warranty service

Should you require warranty service on one of our firearms, you must contact us for a Return Authorization prior to sending us your firearm, or it will be refused!

Kindly contact us at 888 731.9555 for all the details.


Are there any You Tube videos on the TP9SA and TP9SF?

We're glad you asked!  There are a TON of TP9SA and TP9SF video reviews on You Tube!  Just do a search under TP9SA or TP9SF.

Click here to watch James Yeager interview Utku from Canik

Where can I get a manual for the TP9SA and TP9SF pistol?
Thats easy!  Just click here.
What is the difference between the TP9SA and TP9SF ?
There are several cosmetic differences, but the biggest change is the TP9SF does not have a decocker on the slide.
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